Sunday, September 19, 2010

It Started with a Closure Idea for an i Pad Cover

Okay, I shouldn't say this as someone who has the tools and ability to make handbags, but I have been thinking about buying a cool cover for my i Pad instead of making my own.  I was one of those crazy thousands upon thousands that stood in line last Spring when the i Pad made its debut. I purchased a cover at the Apple Store and it does the job, but it's black and looks like a book cover and it's so boring.  Oh how I long for a bright and cheerful cover...

After convincing myself (again) that I would make my own, I could not decide on the type of closure, so I looked to the talented artists on Etsy for inspiration. Oh my, such talent, perhaps I will buy one instead of making my own...and with that, this week's interesting finds:

Big Button i Pad Case by PinkEveryDay

If you own an i Pad or i Phone you can appreciate the detail...

i-Pad Case Sergeant Handmade Vintage Fabric iSockit by blytheking

What I like about this case is that you can carry both your i Pad & i Phone

Recycled Cargo Pants iPad Case Sleeve by MyGreenMonkeyDesigns

For  the recycle conscious...

i Pad Sleeve - Penguin in Designer Felt by BoutiqueID 

This one was just cute...

And finally, this next one is my favorite, for two reason, it's bright and colorful and since it's a hard case, no guilt over not making it...therefore I must buy (right)?
Hand Painted Hard i Pad Case by FunkyFramesEyewear 

Until next week...Happy Sewing! 

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