Saturday, March 14, 2009

Competition is heating up!

Our Big Bag of luck Giveaway is already starting to draw entries. We know looking for all 26 Shamrocks is quite a time investment, but 6 prizes for a total retail value of approximately $120 is a pretty nice reward. And who knows, we may add to the prize as the giveaway goes on.

Did you read that right?
Several clever folks have already figured out that if you find more than 5 Shamrocks, you will be given additional entries based on how many you find. For instance, if you find 8 Shamrocks total, you'd be entered once for first place (5 shamrocks) and once 2nd place (3 shamrocks). You must submit 8 DIFFERENT shamrocks to be entered multiple times. So if you sent in 11 different shamrocks, your name will be put in the drawing for 1st, 2nd and TWICE for the remaining 14 prizes. Then you could blog about the giveaway and twitter it and follow our team blog. Post each of these in the comments on the main post and you'd get THREE more entries for the remaining 14 prizes. So if you find 11 different shamrocks, and do a little promotion for us, you could be in the drawing 7 times!

If you find all 26 shamrocks/phrases you will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing ONCE.You will not be entered into the lower drawings. Of course, you can still buy your way into the First Place Drawing and 5 extra chances at the grand prize drawings. Please see below.

TIME?? Who needs time, I got money!
Don't wanna spend the time looking for all 26 shamrocks or just want to lock up the win?? Money talks, baby. Even if you are already in the drawing, you can still buy your way into the Grand Prize and First Place drawings. Make a purchase of just $25 including shipping from any Shamrock Shop and you'll get 5 FIVE entries to the grand prize drawing with no hunting at all, well except for an awesome handmade goodie. Just $10 at any Carried Away team shop will net you FIVE entries for first place. There is no limit to have many entries you can earn this way.

Off with her head, they cried!
I, fearless CA team leader Krystal, had some incorrect URLs on the shop list earlier today. I apologize and they have been corrected. Some of the team blogs may still have the incorrect list. Please see this post for the correct list.

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