Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Big Bag of Luck Giveaway
with Carried Away: The Etsy Bag Makers Team GIVEAWAY RUNS March 13th - 23rd, 2009

Carried Away is celebrating the lucky season and the turning of Winter to Spring with a BIG BAG OF LUCK GIVEAWAY. Visit each of our participating SHAMROCK SHOPS to find the hidden Shamrocks (exactly like the image above) or the phrase "bag of luck" hidden somewhere in their listings. Email us your list and you're in!

You can earn additional entries by making a purchase from any Carried Away team shop or by promoting this giveaway via your blog, twitter or any other means that we can verify.

1 (One) Grand Prize winner. Participants must locate all 26 (twenty six) hidden shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 6 (six) prizes from the list below. Winner will also receive an actual Bag of Luck shopping tote, courtesy of team member Naughty Monkeys. Limit one entry per email address.

1 (One) First Place winner. Participants must locate at least 5 Shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 4 (Four) Prizes from the list below. Limit one entry per email address.

1 (One) Second Place winner. Participants must locate at least 3 shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 2 (Two) Prizes from the list below. Limit one entry per email address.

The 14 (Fourteen) Remaining Prizes:
Earn one entry to win the the 14 remaining prizes by promoting our giveaway or finding at least one hidden Shamrock/phrase. The remaining prizes will be awarded singly by random number drawing from all entries that qualify as stated below. Prize won will be chosen randomly.

1) Submit the location of one or more Shamrocks/phrases to Make sure it is the URL of the listing, not the shop. Limit two entries per email address.

2) Twitter about this giveaway and post the URL in the Comments. Limit one entry per email address. While you're at it, follow the team on twitter.

3) Blog about this giveaway and post the URL in the comments below. Limit one entry per email address.

4) Sign up to follow our Carried Away Team blog. Both email and RSS feeds are available. Post in the comments below. Limit one entry per email address.

Rules of the Game

1) Visit one or all of the SHAMROCK SHOPS below and look for the lucky shamrock hidden in the listing (like the one above) or the phrase "bag of luck" in the item description. Make note of the ITEM URL, not the shop URL.

Find one shamrock/phrase for one entry.
Find at least FIVE to qualify for First Prize.
Find at least 3 to qualify for 2nd Prize.
FIND ALL 26 to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE.

2) Email your list of URL(s) for each Shamrock/phrase you found to Entries MUST INCLUDE your name, email address and mailing address. This information will not be shared. Entries lacking any/all requested information will be disqualified. The game runs from March 13th - 23rd, 2009. Winners for all prizes will be posted on our team blog by March 25th.

3) Earn five additional entries for Grand Prize or First prize by making purchases from our team shops as noted below. YOU MUST send in the transaction URL/Paypal confirmation email to qualify. You can make as many purchases as you like and earn 5 extra entries for each purchase.

4) The included shipping is offered on the continent of the seller only. So, US sellers ship free to US only. European to Europe only. etc. Please keep this in mind as you redeem your prize.

5) The gift certificates have no cash value. Any balance remaining after the winner has selected the item must be spent or forfeited.

Earn FIVE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES TO THE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY by making a purchase of at least $25 (twenty five dollars, including shipping) from any of the SHAMROCK SHOPS offering prizes in this giveaway.

1) You must email your payment receipt URL/or paypal confirmation email with your name, shipping address and email address to

2) You may make as many purchases as you like. Each one will award FIVE additional drawing entries.

EARN FIVE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES to the FIRST PLACE GIVEAWAY by making a purchase of at least $10 (ten including shipping) from ANY Carried Away team member's shop. A full list of shops is at the bottom of our team blog at

1) You must email your payment receipt URL/or paypal confirmation email with your name, shipping address and email address to

2) You may make as many purchases as you like. Each one will award FIVE additional drawing entries.


Visit these SHAMROCK SHOPS to find the hidden shamrock/phrases to enter the giveaway.

Karen Meyers
$25 gift certificate, inc. shipping

$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

Bags and Buds
$20 gift certificate inc. shipping

Sew Artsy
$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

Alamode Stuff
$25.00 gift certificate inc. shipping

Tropical Crush Bags
$15 item, seller's choice, shipping NOT included

BrindaKay Designs
$20 gift certificate toward a record album purse (your album or mine), inc. shipping.

Urban Harmonie
$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

MIss Gina Designs
$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

Sylvia's Creations
$20 tea cozy
DOES NOT include shipping

Arelel Designs
$20 gift certificate DOES NOT inc. shipping

$20 gift certificate inc. shipping

$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

The Puddle People
$25 gift certificate inc. shipping

$25 gift certificate DOES NOT include shipping

Glint Gear
$25 gift certificate, DOES NOT include shipping

London Purple
$25 gift certificate or $25 clutch
DOES NOT include shipping

$25 gift cert or item
DOES NOT include shipping

Item giveaway, seller's choice
DOES NOT include shipping

Handmade by Migo
$25.00 certificate, inc. shipping

ZigZag Stitches
One GREEN Boxy Bag zippered pouch, value $19.00, with free shipping anywhere.

Naughty Monkeys
$25 gift certificate - inc shipping
Small Shamrock bag $20 value (Part of the Grand Prize)

Hugs and Holidays
Tote bag, seller's choice, (up to $15 value)
DOES NOT include shipping

$25 item, seller's choice, inc. shipping

April's Originals
$25 gift certificate, inc. shipping

$25 Gift Certificate, inc. shipping

A FULL LIST OF CARRIED AWAY TEAM SHOPS is at the bottom of the blog. GOOD LUCK and by all means, please get CARRIED AWAY with this contest!

Remember email your entries to by March 23rd.


Rachel said...

gosh, this is so great! i wish i have the time to find all 26. but im surely blogging this.: I'm sure more would love to know about it. Here is the url:


Tip-Tops said...

I've found 19 so far...Yikes! Great game!

Christa Giles said...

Step 1: Twitter

Step 2: Wait until I'm home to start visiting all the shops to hunt for Shamrocks!

Step 3: take stock of all the bags I have already bought from Zigzag Stitches and other vendor sellers

Step 4: check play-money budget

Step 5: hope I win!

Jen said...

I'm down to two stores and I have been thru them about 3 times and still have not found anything

SolSisters said...

Solsisters' shamrock is the hardest to find. It's on the second page of listings.

Jen said...

Has everyone posted their phrase/Shamrock? I just want to be sure as I just spent and hour going thru my last two again and still can't find anything there.

*and I found Solsisters so it's not that one. :-)

Kaesi said...

are the only two sites I haven't found anything on.....are they in the contest because their etsy says nothing about it...

but awesome hunt everyone super fun!

susief00 said...

This has been fun...but it was also challenging. I think I have them all now.

I am also following this blog now!

susief00 said...

Going to send my entry in soon and I just did a twitter about this....

SolSisters said...

Anonymous Kaesi said...

are the only two sites I haven't found anything on.....are they in the contest because their etsy says nothing about it...

but awesome hunt everyone super fun!

yes, they are. I have confirmed the location of their shamrocks/phrases but they may not have changed their shop graphics. Some are more technically inclined than others :)

Please post again if you need a hint.


I was too late to get involved in the giveaway but if you mention the giveaway in message to seller, I will deduct 20% from your order (does not include shipping.


Anonymous said...

alright. I've given up. I've found 22, but I've searched the website, blogs and etsy sites of sylviascreations, msginadesigns, thepuddlepeople, and moonwhispers.

Good luck everyone else.

SolSisters said...

Sylvia's is pretty easy to find. Thinking of a common English habit might help.

SolSisters said...

The shamrocks will ONLY be in a shop listing. All shops are on etsy except Sylivia's creations and Miss Gina designs.

Newfangled said...

This is such a cool contest! I twittered about it:
jenniferbrown04 at gmail dot com

SolSisters said...

Lots of entries so far! Keep 'em coming!

Lilly said...

I am a follower and a subscriber.

eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Tip-Tops said...

I blogged!

Digital Misfit said...

I blogged this giveaway

pop over for a visit and check it out!

Karen said...

I promoted our giveaway at the Twitter Contest Forum at

Tip-Tops said...

I follow and subscribe!!

tiptopsdesigns {a} gmail dot com

Tori said...

I follow!

SolSisters said...

put Tori and Tiptops down for an entry

missknits said...

hi! i just subscribed to your email/newsletter thing!

missknits said...

and i just signed up to follow your blog! yay! :) great contest!

missknits said...

oooo and i just finished and found all 26!! woohoo! great giveaway! that was hardddddd by the way! good luck all!

Mercedes said...

This was so delightful! I blogged about it at

Jessica said...

I am still having a really hard time finding the solsisters shamrock/phrase. You said it's on the second page of listings?

SolSisters said...

Yes it's on the second page and is in a listing for a handbag, not a pattern or destash

SolSisters said...

Blogger Mercedes said...

This was so delightful! I blogged about it at

Gave you and entry for the remaining 14 prizes. Thanks for spreading the word1

Brad and Hailey said...

Do i just send one email with all that I have found in it? Or do I send a seperate email per URL that I have found?


SolSisters said...

Please send in one email with all the shamrocks you have found, along with the shop name and YOUR full name and address to

By the way, if you manage to send in all 26, even if it is in more than one email, you will be entered for the grand prize. Just have to get them all in by 3/23.

Please note, if you are in the grand prize drawing, you are not eligible for the other prizes.

Jessica said...

I actually found the SolSisters one before you posted back! Yay! Now I'm stuck on wolfbait, because there are sooooo many bags to look through. I'm not asking for a hint (maybe just a little :)) but I was wondering if it is a picture or the phrase. You totally don't have to tell me, but I'm going to keep looking anyways!

Kimberly Campeau said...

I just plurked about you guys!! Awesome stuff!!

SolSisters said...

not entirely sure what a plurk is.. but you're in for the remaining 14 prizes. Thanks for entering!

BeadedTail said...

Very hard to find but I found them all! I'll get them emailed in soon! I'm also following the blog and Twitter!

Anonymous said...

This is such fun! So far I've managed to find all of them, except for Bags and Buds.

Jessica said...

I finally found them all! I just have a little of the one's I found is gone and it's not in the sold items...I didn't copy the link...can I send the name of the original bag and get credit still?

SolSisters said...

Yes, I'll verify it from my previous list

Sarah said...

What a great idea! This has been so much fun. Bags and Buds is also the only one I can't find. Is it possible that this is the listing that someone said is no longer there and not in sold items?

SolSisters said...

no it's right where she left it.... in a current listing. Keep looking, you have a few more days before 3/23

Lona said...

Following team on twitter (I'm shadysidefarm). Be back tomorrow to hunt for those shamrocks!

Beckyrose said...

Wait.. so let me get this have more chances of winning if you find 25 instead of 26 then...? Because you won't be entered in the grand prize but you'll have 25 entries for 16 other possible prizes (1st place, 2nd place, and 14 others)

I may need to think about this, I'd be quite content only winning one thing, I don't really need SIX bags. *ponders* and I'm only missing one...

Kelle's Kitchen said...

Sorry, I just realized I was to post here rather than email my tweet! I don't know how to get the exact link, but here is my twitter:

It is and update today, 3/20/09!

Kelle's Kitchen said...

I am now following the blog!

SolSisters said...

The max. entries you can get for finding under 26 shamrocks is 4 total: 1 for first place, 1 for second place and 2 for the remaining 14 prizes.

You can get extra entries for the remaining 14 by doing some promo for us.

You personally may not need six bags, but I bet you have female family members and friends who have "ocassions" coming up this year :)

MiliZee said...

Hey there, I just saw this, it's really cool! I didn'y know about this group but there are several makers that I recognize from my favorites :-) I saw it on aprilsoriginals store :-) I've spent the last few hours huntin' shamrocks and phrases lol, but I'm still not finding the one in hugsandholidays' shop even though I've looked several times :-( I was wondering if maybe it was on an item that got sold and then wasn't put up again or something, what with it being so close to the closing date? Don't know if that's even possible lol, but I've looked through it all four times, and as my eyes feel like they're gonna fall off by now lol, I thought I'd better check that I'm not looking in vain :-)

SolSisters said...

check the sold items

Jen said...

Ok...I posted on my blog:

Jen said...

And I am now following your blog.

MiliZee said...

I'm actually just a little bit confused about the rules and stuff - I have a question?
basically, I have:

a) all 26 of the shamrocks/phrases
b) two $25-or-over purchases
c) two $10-or-over purchases (I'm talking to the seller about the second, she just needs to fix postage for where I am and I can buy it)

So I was wondering what is the best way to use these so I get the best
chance at winning something, given that it says something about only
one entry allowed for the Grand Prize. But then in the rules farther
down from that it says 'limit two entrieds per email address'. There
was some discussion of that in the comments farther above, and I've read it a couple of times, but I still don't understand :-/ It could be that I've gone stupid though, I really went on a rampage trying to locate all the
phrases and shamrocks within less than 24 hours! I'm feeling kinda
logy by now, hehe, so if you could explain it to me in words of one
syllable and big bold letters it would be very, very nice of you!

I tried replying to your confirmation email for the entries I got from buying but I got a failure notice, so in desperation I thought I'd post here :-) I hope that's okay?

SolSisters said...

HI Mili,

I answered you via email. The seller shave already contacted me for your purchases and they've been entered. Of course, we'd NEVER EVER tell you to stop shopping!

MiliZee said...

hey there, email sent!! Now crossing fingers until March 25th :D

This was fun though, and pretty hard to do!

missknits said...

hi! i just blogged about your contest too :) for another entry

Chris C said...

Signed up via RSS. Love the giveaway - even though I'm not determined enough to find all 26.


SolSisters said...

We got your list Mili. Still time for everyone to find just THREE shamrocks for 2nd place! Contest ends tonight 3/23 at MIDNIGHT (Pacific , US).

Pinka said...


Pinka said...


Pinka said...

I have posted our giveaway on my blog and other sites.

Kelly said...

I tweeted about the contest. Vintageday