Sunday, January 16, 2011

Purse Panel Update

Sandie of Knitzyblonde has kindly offered to lead the Purse Panel critiques. Sandie has lots of experience leading shop critiques for the Etsy Treasury Team. She has been in business online for over ten years, first with her own website, then Ebay, now three shops on Etsy and one on Artfire. She also has extensive photography, graphics and Photoshop experience.

So that I could learn her process, she and I met in a private chat room on Etsy last week to do a “dry-run” critique of my shop. It was very informative and helpful. Sandie had lots of good advice and information to share. I think we can all learn a lot from these critiques… even if you feel really good about the shape of your shop.

We currently have 10 teammates who have requested critiques:

We’d like to start with these shops as soon as we have a schedule. We will be sure to have some of our most successful Etsy teammates present to assist with comments and suggestions. We’d like you to join us, too. Any CABTeam member is welcome to enter the chat room to benefit from the discussion. We welcome your useful and constructive comments as well. Please, be sure to visit the shop being reviewed before the chat session. I have posted some guidelines for critiques on Ning so you know what to look for.
Try not to be negative without offering ideas for the person to improve the aspects of their shop that aren't currently in top form.

Sandie will begin each discussion with a statement from the proprietor of the shop being reviewed regarding their goals for their shop and the areas they wish to improve upon. She will guide us from one topic to the next, monitoring our time and keeping us on point. The critiques will last approximate 1 hour. Following the review, we will send notes and other helpful information to the team shop being critiqued.

Once we have a schedule for the first round of critiques, we will post it on the team page along with instructions for joining the chats.

If you are interested in having the Purse Panel critique your shop in the second round, please let me know by sending an email to

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