Saturday, November 13, 2010

Team News ~ Issue #7

Team News issues were sent via email through our Ning 
group. Members who 
have not joined us on Ning, you won’t see these emails. 
So, I am going 
to start posting them in the Discussions section of the 
Etsy team site and on 
the team blog until we have one place for everything.

You have until November 22nd to let me 
know if you will be participating in the Secret Santa. Details can be found here...

far the following team members have expressed interest:
Gloria stardust200141
Kim Kimscraftyapple
Christina momotrees
Amy Sewartsy
Riki-Lee RLG1282
Vanessa Kirschbits
Sandie Knitzyblonde
Wendy of BagsandBuds

Please let me know if I have missed your request.

Purse Panel
It looks like our Purse Panel is a go. You can read about it here...
I have solicited assistance from some of our top team Etsy sellers and we have our first panel. 
Thanks to Sandie of Knitzyblonde, Patty of LB Accessories, Linda or 
AggieRay, Linda of Alamodestuff, Sandy of HugsandHolidays and Cherie of 
StudioCherie for agreeing to head up the first panel.yes""> We will be discussing our process over the next weeks and 
hope to be able to start critiques after the first of the year. If you wish to have a critique of your 
shop and haven’t requested one, please do so by sending me a convo or emailing cabteam [!at]

Team Migration
Our team member count is up to 112. We still have 106 shops that have been invited to join that have not responded. 
Some of these shops are active members on Ning and Flickr. I will be contacting them directly via 
convo to be sure they accept membership on the new Etsy Team site. I am going to leave the 
invitations up until after the first of the year.yes""> Those who have not accepted will have their invitation 
withdrawn. This is simply to keep 
things tidy. Of course, anyone can 
request to re-join by clicking the blue “Apply to Team” button on our team 

Fat Quarter Swap
The fat quarters are on their way from Riki Lee in Canada to Mary Beth in Michigan. Mary Beth 
is fourth on the list. It takes a bit of time for the packages 
to make their way around the globe, but it’s like Christmas came early when it 
is finally at your door.

Interested in joining the swap for the second go round? Just drop me a line.

That’s it for now.
Have a great week of bag making!


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RLG1282 said...

ummm, about that fat quarter swap... I noticed that we were recycling the envelope that was originally sent from Wendy, but like you said it is like Christmas coming early! As soon as I seen it in my mailbox I IMMEDIATELY ripped it right open, so I has to use a new envelope. =D