Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recycled Items - Interesting Find of the Week

We had a recent "scare" with the recycled bags sold by a large food supermarket here in the Southeast.  The bags contained a high level of ____ (insert some chemical name) and the media was blasting it on the airwaves.  I remembered how I always meant to make my own grocery bags, using some recycled curtains for the material and then it made me think about recycling in general.  I found an interesting shop that recycles items into handbags, so with that, here are the Etsy Interesting Finds of the Week...

Working with people, I am always mindful of my breath, therefore I am a big fan of gum and Altoids.  I love the tins and often save them for pins, buttons, etc....but how about this idea?  From Amazing Accessories Shop:

The Love Tin Altoids Bag

Chocolate Altoids MiniBag

Fan of the KC & the Sunshine Band, then how about...

KC and the Sunshine Band Album Bag

Until next week, Happy Sewing...

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