Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Shopping - This Week's Interesting Find

Good Morning, I hope everyone is surviving the holiday shopping rush.  Each year I do more and more of my shopping online, because I am weak to bright red Sale signs and can no longer bear the crowds.  But I ventured out this weekend and thought I would tell my story via Eco-shopping bags (and this week's Interesting Finds):

 As I pulled into the mall's parking lot, I reminded myself to...

from Take Flight Boutique

and took a breath as I opened the door.  First I visited the only independent store as I love to...
from Creative Carmelina

After purchasing a little gift, I headed over to a big box store and found a cluster of women surrounding a table under a very large Sale sign,  But I couldn't see what they were all grabbing at, oh it's times like these that I wish I  was a 
from The Craft Pantry

so I could look over and see what everyone was oohhhh and ahhhhhing about...Or perhaps I could

from Mis Nopales Art
        down into the middle of the crowd and grab that Sale item.  Whatever it was (for still I could not see), the screaming women made me want and grab for after all it was on sale you see!  When I finally got my hands on it I first thought to myself why, this is not a sale it's a

from Mis Nopales Art
...but truly it wasn't a sale at all as it appeared to be highway robbery even at that discounted price. 

As I browsed from store to store, I was either attacked or ignored by the sales people. Oh if only I could hold up a sign to either be left alone or when I required assistance....
from Mr PS
at times I felt like the lost....

from Take Flight Boutique
....all alone in the woods.  When I finally left, I got in my car and opened all the windows and while driving away, I screamed at that Big Box Store...
from Happy Family

So until next week....Happy

from Charming Zakka


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