Sunday, August 16, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

A few days ago, I posted about the Iraqi Bundle of Love Project. That's my daughter's cat, Shiara bemoaning that she doesn't get to go to Iraq with my bundle of love. Apparently cats the world over are REALLY annoyed by the fact that they don't get to go.

Inside my bundle is a pair of Fiskars scissors that were a bit worn, but still useful, several reels of YLI quilting thread that I won in a raffle years ago and never used, more thread, 2 unfinished quilts that I am DEEPLY grateful to not having staring at me, and more fabric. It's wrapped in a tye dye sheet that was one of my brothers early practice pieces before he became the master he is today.

LOOK! ART GOT MY bundle in yesterday's mail! You can read more here.

Of course, now that I have packed & sent one box ... I keep finding more stuff to send. So onto box two. This one has a huge can of buttons wrapped in fleece, a bundle of white lace fabric from my daughter's graduation dress, a package of yellow lace trim and lots more fabric plus more of that sheet to wrap it in.

But that's nothing compared to my mom. She has 4 boxes ready to go and says she might need to send another. She found several large pieces of wool she bought in Chicago that have zero use here in the desert. However, winter is COLD in Northern Iraq where Art's unit is and they will certainly find a good use for them. She is also sending some of her overflowing stash of yarn and quilting magazines. Although they can't read English, we all speak pictures :)

If you want to participate, boxes must be in the mail by September 7th so as to arrive before Ramadan and before Art's unit is rotated out of Iraq.

Remember, you will need delivery confirmation and a customs form. It's $12.65 to send each box. You can ask at your local Post Office for an APO Flat Rate box or just make sure the clerk gives you the APO flat rate if you use a standard large flat rate box. I have Art's address and if you want to play, please email me for it as he has asked that it not be published on the web. DO NOT SEND IT from a contract post office. Go to the actual Post Office to make sure the delivery tracking is done right.

Art said he got 6 more boxes this weekend and he and the unit are happy to have the problem of where to keep them all! So ladies, what are you waiting for? Surely you have extra fabric, yarn, sewing supplies and $13 for a good cause?

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