Monday, April 13, 2009

More great bag Makers

I've got 5 great new bag makers to help you satisfy your desire to get Carried Away! Let's say hello!

First up, a special welcome to Avery of Avery's Monster Shop from Canada. Her sister Megan was our First Place winner in the BIG BAG OF LUCK Giveaway and it seems she likes us, because here she is joining our team! Avery is a busy college student who still finds time to make these furry monster bags.

Next, another international member, Mai of Siesta from Yokohama, Japan. All her creations are stitched by hand, rather than machine. The bag below illustrates the ancient art of Sashiko embroidery.
Small Sashiko Patchwork Bag by MaiRuru

Next, Allie from Connecticut with AnaloGUe Chic. Allie's bags are bursting with retro style.

Dick and Jane Bangle Tote by AnaloGUe Chic

Next, Sarah of the Crafty Mermaid in Georgia. Sarah makes great school bags and larger totes, like this nicely designed messenger bag. Like most of our team members, Sarah is happy to customize one of her bags to fit your tastes. On this bag, you can order monogramming and pick your own fabrics by visiting her flickr showcase.

Wrapping up on an earth -friendly theme with Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, get ready with Jennifer from New Uses for Old Clothes in Texas. Her hip creations are all about saving her worn out or outdated clothes from the landfill by giving them new life.


mairuru said...

Thank you very much for introducing me! I'm happy to join this team.

Siam said...

welcome abord everyone!

Hi mairuru, I used to live in yokosuka.