Friday, March 27, 2009

First Place Selections

Our very happy winner Megan and her sister Avery spent all afternoon pouring over the shop list to pick their 4 First Place prizes.

"Hi Krystal:

So, this is a pretty hard decision, each shop has such beautiful things! I pretty much spent all afternoon yesterday going through pages and pages of products. Anyways, here is my list:

Miss Gina Designs

Sew Artsy

Bags and Buds


I think I can speak for both of us yesterday when we were very much in shock about the winnings. We both just wanted to thank you and your fellow Carried Away Members. Also, this was a really fun Etsy (and others) seller's contests.

Thanks so much,
Megan G."

Stay tuned to see what the Second Place winner, Hailey from Utah, picks.

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