Sunday, March 29, 2009

You're a good sport, Becky !

We had originally awarded our Grand Prize in last week's Big Bag of Luck giveaway to Becky in Texas, but we couldn't get in touch with her, so had to redraw. She wrote in a day or so ago. They had a huge blizzard and her power/internet was out. She was very understanding about the need to keep the giveaway moving. Brinda Kay (Becky is her customer) and I both felt that we needed to make the best of the situation for someone who has been a loyal customer of Brinda's for some time. So, on the spot we decided to award Becky the "Good Sport" prize: a $25 gift certificate to my shop as well as a $25 gift certificate to Brinda's shop.

Becky was thrilled and had such nice things to say about the integrity and professionalism of the etsy sellers she has made purchases from.

"Thanks you so much. I hate for you to do that...but I will gladly take it! I just love Brinda's stuff, and I know I will use the gift certificate. I can't believe the level of integrity I have experienced on Etsy. I am an Art/Home Ec. teacher, and I am always taking things I have bought on Etsy to school to show the kids. It has really been a great way to expand their paradigms and thus spark their own creativity by showing them handmade crafts. (Never with the intent of copying, only as inspiration.) Everyone I have dealt with on Etsy has been so nice, and the merchandise comes so quickly. The prices are great, and I have enjoyed selecting unique gifts from the comfort of my home. I am retiring in May, and I hope to open an Etsy store. Thanks again, Becky J."

We are thrilled we could add to this positive perception of the handmade community and so much appreciate Becky's understanding.

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