Monday, March 9, 2009

The shamrocks are being hidden!

carried away team handbag giveaway
A little hunting could get you a lot of luck during St. Patrick's Day week. Are you ready to get carried away with us and a win big bag of prizes? The excitement is building over on our team forums as we finalize the prize list and start hiding lucky shamrocks for our giveaway next week.

Join us for Carried Away: The Big Bag of Luck Giveaway
March 13-23rd, 2009

The giveaway is pretty simple, just hunt through all of our SHAMROCK SHOPS to find the hidden clover or the words "bag of luck" in the item description and you could win the grand prize, valued at over $100(US!). There are many smaller prizes as well.

If you've been thinking about snapping up a handbag or other great handmade delight from our team mates, the giveaway week is the perfect time! Browse through our team member shops (a full list is at the bottom of the blog) and mark your favorites. Come back during the giveaway and make a purchase of just $10 for ANY team shop to earn five entries for FIRST PLACE (value+/- $60 (US!). Purchase just $25 from any SHAMROCK SHOP and get 5 extra entries towards the GRAND PRIZE !

This promotion is available to worldwide and many of the prizes include free shipping.

Full details will be posted on March 12th.

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