Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TM Pinka is creating for Courtney Love

TM Pinka wrote in to let us know of a GREAT stroke of luck that dropped into her life. Congrats PINKA!

The beginning of this year I had a custom order from Courtney Love ( musician and wife of deceased Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain). She suggested some colors and somethings she likes and left it up to me to design a computer/music note bag. I had to go out of my normal mode (out of the box) to design something for her. I guess you can say, she had sparked my imagination. Normally, I make bag that are more for simple and more for functionality than design and decoration. The theme is punk, Gothic, rocker, and lacey. Since then, I have came up with new product line under Bollinger Collection

Please check it out when you have a chance, love to hear some inputs. I started making cuffs, neck-lace (scarfs), and more of design the fabric with variety of embellishments. I'm working on some fun, party, going out clothing, skirts, and more accessories. Courtney Love actually bought a cuff from my new created shop, too. I guess I never though I would be catering to celebrities of any sort and thanks to Mrs. Love, so happy to have found a new outlet for my creative to flourish. I hope this somewhat encouraging to some of you. Sometime all we need is a little spark.

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