Friday, December 12, 2008

Labdien to three new Team Mates

bmovie starlet wrist clutch

STARLET clutch in B-Movie by Mashulu

japanese fabric thongs slouch shoulder handbag

Japanesy Slouchy by SewChristine

pink scrool zipper pouch

Pink Swirl Scroll Zipper Pouch by UniqueCharm

Please give a hearty wave to our new team Members, Christine with SewChristine, another lovely Brint from Kent in the U.K., Artina of Mashulu in Virginia ( prize for the most fin to say shop name!), and Leslie with Unique Charm from North Carolina.


Leslie said...

Yay! This team looks so fun!

ARTina said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm so exited and I can't wait to finish my next wave of bags for everyone to see! (And thanks for the compliment, lol)