Friday, December 5, 2008

Gift wrap contest over at Craftster

Our friends over at Craftster are hosting a holiday gift wrap challenge with a twist.

 Craft Challenge #34 - Thrifty & Stylish Gift Wrapping - Due Jan 1 - Jan 5 2008

It's time to flex your crafty muscles and show the world some innovative ideas for wrapping gifts that are thrifty and stylish!

This might mean cooking up a cool gift wrapping idea using super cheap materials, or reusing materials you would otherwise have thrown away, or creating a wrapping solution which can be used over and over in the future... the sky's the limit. It doesn't need to be anything close to what is considered traditional wrapping OR it could be a cool new spin on traditional wrapping.

Not only can you win the prize below, but your ideas will inspire others for any future gift wrapping needs!

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