Sunday, August 21, 2011

Give To Others

These are the 3 organizations we have chosen to donate to.
If you are interested in donating any proceeds from the sale(s) of item(s) in your shop, you can check out their information here:

Doctors Without Borders

Also, make sure that you edit your listings so that buyers know that part of their purchase price will go to these charities.

When you make your sale you can either donate directly on their respective websites, or you can wait until March, June, September, or December and we will pool all charity donations from all members and split our donations between all 3 organizations. Receipts of transactions will be available to all members and will be donated from "Carried Away: The Etsy Bag Makers Team"

If you have items in your shop whose proceeds you would like to donate, please email me with:
so that I can link to them on facebook and our blog so you get recognition and hopefully sell those bags! When you sell an item please let me know so that we can congratulate you on your sale. My direct email is jandem [at!]

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