Monday, July 11, 2011

Bag of the Week - Fifi Lapin Billfold Wallet

Take a look at this super cute vegan wallet by team member retool!

This wallet features:
- 4 card slots, each holding about 3-6 cards
- 1 long pocket for paper money or receipts
- velcro closure
- 70% of materials sourced from factory remnants/discontinued/upcycled goods
- vegan!

You must retool's shop to see all the cool repurposed wallets, messenger bags, zippered pouches and cases.

Retool can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and they have their own blog.

1 comment:

Jigsawtim said...

Excellent, I love the vegan wallet!
When I say I love it I mean I know my wife Sarah will love it! So too will my little 3 year old!!

The reason why this all rings a bell is that I also love going off the beaten track and supporting smaller business, one of our favourites over here (we're puzzle fans) is All Jigsaw Puzzles. On the high street in Surrey, UK we live there's a gorgeous little arts and craft shop. I think we need to support the independent stores, whether online or not brick-built as much as one can.

Looking forward to showing my wife the purse and my daughter of course!

Best wishes