Monday, July 4, 2011

Another CABTeam Shop Sale Today

Thanks to Karina of SimplyClutch for her donation to the CABTeam shop. Although this lovely green silk clutch didn't sell in our shop, it sold in hers. She is transferring the $25 to our team account. Please remember if you have a bag in the team shop to also post it in your personal shop for double exposure!

Speaking of donations, our shop could use some more bags. The year is half over. Have you donated yet? Now is a great time to do so. You can donate by following these directions. You must be signed in to your Etsy account to view this discussion.

With the last two sales ($42.95 for KeepBags bag and $29 for ApolloHillCrafts bag) and this sale, we have enough funds to make another donation to our current charities. So far this year our team has donated $188 to Drs. Without Borders and $45 to WaterAid. So, to even things out a bit, I will send another $50 to WaterAid and $50 to Kiva this week. CABTeam is definitely making a difference. Yay Team!!!

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