Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Finger Wallets

I worked for a public company in their very large Corporate Campus.  We have a dining room  and since I was tired of carrying my wallet, I usually just grab some cash or just my debit card...bad I know...

Being a sewer you think I would just make a tiny wallet but that's too boring...

How about a Leather Finger Wallet from Smadar Shop which you can carry on your finger?  It has a zipper so you don't lose any of your change and since it's leather its easy to clean if you spill liquids on it...

She has them in several colors as well and also a bigger size but still small to carry on one finger.  As this larger one in tan: 

The LeatherTH Shop also sells little leather pouches that are held with your finger and also include a zipper, such as the Bella Mini finger Leather Pouch: 

Until next week Happy Sewing!
HM Mills

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