Monday, May 16, 2011

And We Have a Winner ~ Challenge #2

And...we have a winner for Challenge #2-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose Bags. Congratulations to Ally of CrookedSmileCreation for her wonderful Eco Friendly Messenger Bag. Ally's bag won with 57% of the votes.

"This messenger bag is made entirely of repurposed fabric. It is an entire outfit made into a bag. The relaxed exterior is from cargo shorts and the inside lining is from a white t-shirt. The oversized exterior pocket used to be the side pocket of the shorts. The two back pockets of the shorts are now the interior pockets. A woven belt with rivet accents has been repurposed to an adjustable strap. The strap is attached to the bag through chunky bronzed rectangle rings. All these details make this bag as green as you can get. The bag closure is a zipper, so the contents of the bag are quite secure."

Congratulations Ally! And a big thanks to everyone who submitted a bag. We truly have some talented and creative ladies on our team.


Terriaw said...

Congrats to Ally! I love this bag, especially because the fabric was used from an outfit, not just one piece. Perfect placement of that side pocket and that strap rocks too. Well done!

Crooked Smile Creations said...

Thank you!!

SewArtsy said...

So cool! Way to go!