Sunday, April 10, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Leather Straps

Now that I brought an industrial sewing machine, my mind has been contemplating the idea of incorporating leather into my bags.  I don't know if I am readying to buy leather cowhide to make an entire bag but I was thinking about starting with small steps such as leather handles...

I browsed through some of the Etsy supplies and found these pre-made straps:

Leather Star Shop's has these adorable Strawberry Pink Leather Handles that would be great on a little girl's handbag...

Karen's Fabric Shop has these cute Bow Tie Leather Bag Strap

And if you are so daring to cut and create your own, there are suppliers that sell leather: 

Unique Shiny has a several Yards of Vintage Style Leather in her shop.

Or how about some leather cowhide remnants from Shelly Supply Shop.  She actually has several leather items to choose from...

Until next week...Happy Sewing!

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