Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - The 70s Revisited

Perhaps I am dating myself, but it's hard to believe that the 1970 was 41 years ago.  It's also hard to believe that today is the anniversary of Apollo 13 successfully returning to earth..."Houston we have a problem." So as I reflect upon the 70s, here's a few things to help you reminisce..

Do you remember these...but how about as an accessory?  From Nature Hike's Shop, Zip it - Cassette Tape Wallet

From Quiet Doings:

 A Slim Cassette Wallet.  It is made of brown canvas with an
original cassette tape design silk screened by hand and then sewn.

 Or about this cute pouch as described by the seller, Ity bity Bags - Vintage Camera Series-Instamatic Pouch

Do you remember the last time you dialed one of these? An old telephone iPhone leather case by bRainbow Shop:

Until next week...Happy Sewing!

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