Thursday, April 7, 2011

CABTeam Needs You!

Our team has been so fortunate to have regular contributors to this blog. Please join me in thanking Vanessa of Kirshbits who does our weekly Thursday Eats feature, Amy of SewArtsy for the Bag of the Week, Helen of Hmmills for Interesting Finds, Nora of CreationsbyNoraMarie for Embellished Bags and Bonnie of BarefootBagShop for Featured CABTeam Member. These ladies are helping to keep our blog interesting and dynamic.

Starting this week there will be a few changes that will open the door to other members who would like to contribute to the blog. Amy will be stepping down from the Bag of the Week feature and Vanessa will be posting her Thursday Eats feature every other week. Our Eco Wednesday feature had one post and then the author dropped out of the team.

If you would like to take over the Bag of the Week feature, Eco Wednesdays, or take on a new feature every other Thursday, please let me know. One Saturday a month Bonnie posts Featured CABTeam Member, so there are 3 other Saturdays open. We need your help to keep this blog thriving.

Some ideas that have been mentioned for features that wouldn't require a lot of time are:
Etsy Suppliers-feature a shop that sells bag making supplies such as fabrics, hardware, etc.
Fabric of the Week-again, this could come from an Etsy shop
CABTeam Treasury-post treasuries in which CABTeam members have been spotted
Potpourri-Anything you want to talk about-doesn't have to be bag related.
Inspiration Saturdays-a weekly feature that is simply made up of images from the web or your own camera that inspire creativity.
Tutorial Review-we have a weekly feature that provides links to 4 different tutorials every week, but we could feature one tutorial in more detail.
Round Robin- get a group of our members together to share a day of the week. If you have 20 members who are willing to each write one post, you have 20 weeks of Wednesdays filled.
Customer Service Tip of the Week-share one great customer service idea/tip

The sky is the limit. I'm open to anything really. We're all creative types, let's hear your ideas.


Van said...

thanks to you Wendy for the opportunity to share my recipes.. I will continue posting but 2 weeks a month.. The ideas you give are excellent! the Treasuries is quite easy with the treasury tool:

The tutorials as well.. maybe it can be on in detail once a month?

Also the featured suppliers is excellent, that way we can discover supplier shops we don't know.

I wish I could do more but my time is short at the moment.. thanks again for all the effort!


Kristi @Sunday Afternoon said...

Thanks to all of the great posts from our bloggers. I enjoy reading all of them!
Wendy- I think I could handle 1 or 2 of these posts?? Could you email me some guidelines on the Bag of the Week and Eco Wednesday posts? I also like the Team Treasury and Etsy Suppliers ideas. If these would only be a few times a month, I might be able to handle them as well.
Of course, if anyone else volunteers by all means go ahead! I think diversity would be best for our blog.
Email me your thoughts and if you've gotten any other offers from team members.

Rachel said...

Rachel here of Patchwork Place, I may be interested in doing the "bag of the week" if someone could point me to ideas and examples of past features.