Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Zippers

This week I took a day off to shop in the textile area in Miami.  I finally had the chance to visit a Notions/Zipper Manufacturer.  With their warehouse in the back, they have a little front office where you can pick up orders. The great thing about this place is they also have bins of leftovers or forgotten orders.  Each bin probably holds over 1000 zippers, just thrown together.  It's probably not practical, but who can pass up digging in a bin of zippers? 

So what are some creative people on Etsy doing with zippers?  This week's interesting find...

The BOND Girl Bag - BigTree1's Shop

Zipper Bag Number 2 - ElizbethWren's Shop

Water-Resistant Nylon Bag - Tippythai's Shop

Wallet Bag - ButtonWoodBags' Shop

Until next week, Happy Sewing!

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