Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Welcome Spring!

Ah, it's March 20, 2011 - the first day of Spring. When I lived up North, it was my favorite season as it meant that we were just a few weeks from seeing blooming flowers. The one thing about living in South Florida is that you do missed seeing pretty delicate flowers coming from the ground.  Well I have been thinking about flowers so much, I thought I would share some dainty fabric flowers from our fellow Etsians as this week's Interesting Find: 

From LiDDesigns Supplies Shop:

 Her roses are perfect, according to the description, "Each petal has been sized (stiffened), hand cut, then molded using special heat tools to form the individual curves and folds replicating real natural petals."

Just gorgeous!

From Bizim Supplies' Shop:

She has a collection of pretty little ribbon flowers and few larger zipper flowers.

From bidesign's Shop Lots of Organza flowers, but I love her Satin Lotus and Pale Pink Stain flowers...

Until next week...Happy Spring!

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