Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Stamped Fabric

Did you catch Wendy's tutorial last Friday?   If you didn't go back and check them out as the focus was on fabric painting and stamping.  It has me thinking about hand-stamping and painting fabric...How about you? 
This week's interesting finds...

How about a hand-stamped pouch to cover your passport and boarding passes?

Travel Pouch - In A Nut Shell Store

Do you love Chinese Symbols and Seals?

Then visit Balaimu's Shop.  She has a collection of pencil cases and cute coin purses that have also been hand-stamped with symbols, such as her Canvas Coin Purse - Happiness. She also sells the stamp seals in her shop...this one is called Double Happiness.

Goddess Linen Zip Bag Pouch

And finally, another artist that uses handmade stamps as in  this linen zip pouch from Crazy Jeep Honey's Shop.

Until next week, Happy Sewing!

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