Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Embellished Bag of the Week: Anne Boleyn

While I was cruising through shops this week (in my imaginary corvette) I completely came to a halt when I saw this unique bag by HottieHandbags. She transferred a picture of Ann Boleyn (second wife of Henry the VIII) on fabric and framed it with cream pearls and lace. The dress is embellished with beige bead and silver seed beads. A rust flower with pearl carochon cend is placed to the side and faceted opal sequins are placed randomly around the face. Bringing in the new she has used a recycled upholstery fabric for the bag. You can find this unique bag as well as her other creations at HottieHandbags.etsy.com


Anonymous said...

a stunning work of art !!!


Jan Cohen said...

Beautiful bag from great artisan!