Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Find of the Week - Blooming Flowers

I am traveling to the Northeast next week for a conference so  a) I hope another snowstorm doesn't appears so that my flight won't be canceled, b) I hope it's not too cold and c) I hope most of the snow is gone by the time I get there. My sisters still live in the Northeast and most of their conversations have been about dreams of spring and blooming flowers.

So with blooming flowers in mind, here is this week's interesting find(s): 

Purple Leather Shoulder/Hip Bag by Tuscada

Leather Suede Wristlet in Doeskin Brown by Tuscada

I really do love this flower - its overall look and its construction.  I have added a close up for everyone to  enjoy further.  According the product description, she,
hand dyed the quatra petals of the flower on the front flap a beautiful deep melon shade. The petals are hand cut and then singed to create a natural looking curl to each petal. They are hand tied to the front flap using strapping in the neutral brown. The pistachio green leaves are applied in the same manner on the front and the back with the strapping used as fringe.


...and  then, there is this Chiffon Ruffle flower, it looks perfect for winter...

Grey Chiffon Ruffle Flower Handbag by MojoSpaStyle

So for all of you waiting for Spring...I'll be thinking of you today as it's going to be in the high 60s - low 70s today....ah winter in Florida.

Until next week...Happy Sewing!


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Nora said...

These are fantastic finds and a great way to start the spring season