Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Baking - Etsy Interesting Find of the Week

Last night my girlfriends and I held our 2nd Annual Cookie Holiday Bake Off. This year the four of us produced about 23 dozen cookies and 6lbs of fudge.  As I surveyed the damage to my kitchen this morning and glazed fondly over some of my Snowflake Sugar cookies with the Royal Icing I remembered that I have a post to write.  With no ideas in my head this morning, I have stared at the computer screen and thought about cookies...handbags.....cookies and handbags, cookies and handbags....

And with that, this week's interesting find: 

If only I had thought about this sooner, I could have purchased this very cute Handbag Cookie Cutter from Divine Baking Supplies' Shop, then I would have had some photos of  Handbag Cookies to post....perhaps next year.

Until next week, Happy Sewing!

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