Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eco Wednesdays: Upcycled Messenger Bag

Hello there all, hope everyone is having a fantastic festive season. I'm Nicci and I'm going to be writing a weekly "Eco Wednesdays" blog post, featuring items that are constructed from recycled rubbish, made from sustainable materials, or just help us to help the planet in some way.

The first item I'm going to bring to your attention is this amazing "Upcycled Messenger Bag" by Lous Upcycles:

Like all of the items in Lou's shop, this bag is made primarily of plastic bags that would otherwise go to landfill sites. I love the adjustable handle made from mens' ties.

Have a look at Lou's shop for an assortment of plastic bag wallets and bags, as well as a profile full of facts and figures that show us exactly why we should all be this passionate about recycling.


Wendy Martin said...

Great first post! Thanks for sharing with the team.

Lou said...

Thank you for featuring me, your team blog looks great! Happy New Year filled with lots of handmade sales!