Sunday, November 7, 2010

Team News ~ Issue #6

Team News – Issue #6
Previous Team News issues were sent via email through our Ning group. Members who have not joined us on Ning, you won’t see these emails. So, I am going to start posting them in the Discussions section of the Etsy team site and on the team blog until we have one place for everything.

Etsy Team Site Migration
As many of you have seen, the Etsy Team site is up and running and everyone should have gotten an invitation to join our Carried Away team via convo. If you have not received your invitation, please let me know by convo at

The functionality of the site is pretty basic at this point. It allows for a roster of team members with their shop links and it gives us the “Discussions” option. We have a team description and a message for “Who Can Join”. There are links to our Ning page, team blog and flickr groups.

Right now we have 91 active members (those who have accepted the invitation to join the team site) and 121 who have not yet accepted. If you have been sent an invitation and you do not wish to continue as a member, please let me know via convo.

There is a team captains group and we have been discussing ways to make the team site better. Some of the suggestions are…
• A way to subscribe to a discussion thread and receive an email when there’s been an update
• A section for treasuries where we can show off team related treasuries
• A polling option
• More links for team websites
• An option to email everyone on the team
• Captain Badge for captain’s profile/Team badge for members profile
• An option for captains to explain why a request to join the team has been rejected
• A photo feed for newly posted items in team members shops
• An important document location for pdf and doc files

It would be great if we could eliminate our Ning page and use the Etsy team site, but there are things that Ning can do right now that Etsy cannot. So, until some of these issues are addressed, we will continue with Ning.

Secret Santa

Many of you have expressed interest in the team Secret Santa. Details are on the blog here…
I need to know if you are interested by November 22nd. This will give me time to organize and assign partners and time for you to make your gift. All gifts should be in the mail by December 20th.

Fat Quarter Swap

The fat quarter swap has begun. We have heard from Vanessa in Germany and she has sent the package on to Riki-Lee in Canada. It will make it’s way to the states shortly. If you’d like to be included in the second go round, let me know.

Team Blog

Now that we are getting so many new members, I thought it would be a good time to see who might want to contribute a weekly feature to the blog. We currently have openings for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. For those new to the blog, we have features as follows:
Sunday-Interesting Finds by HMMills
Monday-Bag of the Week by SewArtsy
Thursday-Thursday Eats by Kirschbits
Friday-Tutorials by BagsandBuds (that’s me)

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Terriaw said...

I am relatively new to the team, so I appreciated that list of the weekly features. I am also happy to know about the team captains and all the different sections and features. Did you change the background/sidebars for the blog? It looks great!