Monday, October 25, 2010

Team Shop Sale

We have had another sale from our team shop. Amy of Sew Artsy sold her Growing In Love zipper wallet.

That brings our team account up to $10.42. Below is a ledger of our account activity for the past 2 months.

As you know, we accrue shop fees from relisting items and from the fees for each sale. I have limited the relisting to once a week and I usually relist 5 items at $0.20/item just to keep our bags closer to the top of the listings. That's approximately $4.00 a month in relisting fees.

We now have 23 items in the shop. If you'd like to donate a bag, just send me all the Etsy listing details and 4 images of your donation. I'll be waiting until we have a balance of $25 in the account to donate to our charity.

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