Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interesting Find of the Week

Well kids, it's finally here. Happy Halloween! At our house the festivities started when we discovered the hiding spot for the Halloween Candy.  On Friday the husband and I went to a friend's space theme Halloween party and I ending up winning the best Star Trek themed costume. Someone snapped a photo of me during the final round dancing with Martian punch in one hand and my Phaser in the other.  Although I won, I wished I had worn more accessories, but couldn't find any during my search.  It just occurred to me to search Etsy and duh, I found this week's interesting find(s) of the week:

This would have been cool to have, a Retro Sci-Fi Space Communciator Gadget Case- Fits iPhone from Coolbeans 717 Shop 

I could have added a Personalized Star Trek Command Insignia Pin to my uniform from YOUgNeek's Shop:

My husband dressed as Captian James T. Kirk, and I was planning on sewing tribbles onto his shirt but I ran out of time, if only I noticed the Plush Tribbles from PancakesnoJutu's Shop:

Until next week...Live Long & Prosper

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Wendy Martin said...

Would love to see the picture of you in costume. It just goes to can find almost anything on Etsy. Thanks and Happy Halloween.