Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 More New Team Members~HoobyGroovy and Stitchuation

HoobyGroovy says..."I have too many ambitions and dreams. My dad calls it being idealistic, I call it having an interesting life.
Most of all, I love to create. Whether its cases, bags, writing, music or ideas; the act of creating is what makes me happiest.
And if there is someone out there in the world that enjoys my creations, wow!"

Stitchuation says..."I am a person who loves to create things--mostly with paper or fabric. Creating for me is usually joyful and a challenge as I always want to improve my skills.
I am a wife and mom to three--two now in college. I am finally getting a little breathing room in which I have a little more time to create. I always feel torn between the homemaking and the creating though.
It is a big deal for me to finally make the step to selling, not just buying, on Etsy. I joined Etsy in 2008, but my name was "foreheadqueen" and my daughter told me I COULD NOT open a shop with that name! I do have experience selling things on Ebay--stuff,not creative endeavors--my name there is "sueymac" in case you want to check my seller/buyer feedback."

Welcome ladies!

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