Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Member - Diane Costanza

I'd like to welcome another new member today-Diane Costanza of Dianecostanza on Etsy...

Here is a little snippet from her profile....
"I have been an artist all of my life. I believe artists are born with that constant need to create and it is what drives them to share their art with the world.
With a lifetime of private art lessons and a bachelor degree in fine art, I live on Long Island in a large house with extended family, earn a living by day in the publishing industry and create the beauty I see in my mind in the evening.

I am most inspired by history, by the art, lifestyles and fashions of the past, by the simplicity, yet difficulties of a life before technology, before skyscrapers and cell phones. The brushstrokes of the masters, their use of light and shadow, their rich colors and compositions, all have a hand in the art that I create today.

I create almost every piece in my work myself. If I must purchase a component, you can be assured I have altered it in some way to make it my own, a personal expression of what I strive to convey in that piece. I also try to work green, repurposing what I already have or has been discarded by others. I rarely purchase new supplies other than those that require replenishing, like glue and paint. This creates a challenge that I enjoy meeting."

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Diane Costanza said...

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I look forward to sharing and learning with this creative group!