Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call Out for Team Help

Do you love blogging? Are you a closeted journalist? Would you like to contribute your bag making knowledge to help your fellow team members? How would you like to be a regular contributor to this blog? Let's get it going again.

I'd like to have 3 to 4 people who would be willing to do a regular weekly post on this blog. You must be a team member to contribute. You will be given access to the blog so you can post.

Here are some ideas for features:
Member Spotlight-ask a set of questions of a different member every week and share the answers with the team on the blog.
Etsy Finds-use a particular theme every week to find cool Etsy items.
Bag of the Week-this can be a bag from a team member or non-member that you find beautiful, interesting, unique, etc. Just post the picture and the reason you find it worthy of a blog feature.
Bag Making Tips-a weekly tip
Shop and Selling Tips-how to promote your shop

Of course, if you have another idea, that's great!

Just send me a convo through Etsy or an email to if you are interested.

Wendy of Bags and Buds
Carried Away Team Leader

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