Sunday, February 7, 2010

Growing Hope: 4th entry

Team Leader Krystal of Solsisters choose to make a framed wall quilt for the challenge.

Team leader SolSisters submitted this framed wall quilt titled Shanira (African for "warmed by the sun")

Obviously, from the name of her shop, she has an affinity for all things solar.

"I am drawn deeply to the fires of creation and the warm glow of friendship and family. The circles in my quilt are representative of the centers and anchors in our lives, the things who make us what we are and ground us. The winding threads are the unexpected connections that allow us to grow and change through learning."

The quilt is decorated with many small seed beads and tiny chips of rock. It also has flat squares of stone with a gorgeous rich orange, yellow and red marbling.

The fabrics are a mix of commercial, hand dyed and hand painted. The hand dyed came from etsy seller Karen of Ruby Mountain Dyeworks and the hand painted orange is from another etsy seller, Molly of Monkey Shine Design.

Shanira measures 9.5" square and is in a 13" square deep bronze chocolate frame. 

Visit her shop and blog.

Check out this and other Growing Hope entries as well as items from our two previous challenges at our team shop. 

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