Sunday, January 3, 2010

SPRING activity - Growth Challenge

The team has decided on our SPRING activity:

Growing Hope
Creations for this challenge can represent growth in a literal sense, such as growing food or plants or a more abstract sense such as growing your heart or growing a community.

Once completed the bags and other creations will be posted here and put up for sale in our team shop. As with all of our challenges, we'll be supporting a particular cause. Given how the entire world shook with the events of the last year, we want to start a cycle of continual assistance and spread some hope.

In order for our funds to keep on giving, we've decided to start a team account on Kiva is a micro-lending site that allows you to pick a business person or cooperative group in the developing world and make loans as small as $25. Once the loan is repaid, we will RELOAN the money to another enterprising person and keeping the cycle of community and individual growth going.  Our goal is to raise $150 in order to make  three $50 loans.

Stay tuned for more details and watch here for creations as they come in.
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Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

Sounds fun! And a worthy cause too. Let the creative juices flow..