Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Member

The Jackie Bag by LolaFalk

Say hello to new Team member Lauren from LolaFalk Handbags. Lauren joins us from Texas. You can read more about her at her blog or check her personal website out. She's also on facebook and myspace and twitter.

The Lolafalk brand was born out of a love of bright colors, shiny fabrics and the initial need to develop a line of handbags that satisfied its originator’s insatiable desire for all things subtly eclectic and understatedly quirky. All Lolafalk handbags and accessories are cut and sewn by hand, and every last detail is accounted for – from the carefully crafted design of each item, to each item’s description, to the overall attitude and style of the brand.

Characterized by eclectic pattern combinations, a gravitation towards design elements that are slightly off the beaten path, a constant seeking of the irregular, the unordinary, that head-scratchingly, eyebrow raisingly, shrug-your shouldersing-ly sensation – when designing each original item that is part of the Lolafalk line, if there is ever any doubt or question as to whether a design element or fabric combination will work, then as far as the Lolafalk brand is concerned – it most certainly will.

Lolafalk is a one-woman shop currently based in Dallas, TX. While every style of bag in my line is based off of a distinct pattern, I never replicate fabric combinations, as the mere thought of making 2 of the exact same item is not creatively feasible for me. For you, this means that any Lolafalk bag you purchase truly is one of a kind.

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