Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August herobox is heading for the desert

Thanks to two sales from our team shop this month, we are able to send another jam packed herobox to our adopted marine and her unit. In this month's box, we're sending shampoo, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, MRE taste enhancing hot sauce (I'm sure the folks at the Taco Bell we "liberated" this from would be behind it if they knew where it was going), hot canteen water taste-enhancing sugarfree drink packets in many flavors, energy bar snacks for long patrols, coffee, dried fruit, beef jerky, bug bite salve, some tuna, a packet of notecards and a book of stamps to write home with and for Jennifer especially, a rockin pair of blublockers to tame that desert sun donated by my awesome friends at blublockersrock.com.

We hope Jennifer and her unit are safe and that they enjoyed the last box we sent.

Now we could sure use a few more sales for our September box!
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Anonymous said...

Great job!!!