Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two new Members

Say hi! To Wendy from Alabama and her shop Satin Doll Handbags. Of herself, Wendy says:

My name is Wendy and I live on the beautiful gulf coast of Alabama. I have two grown and successful children and one fabulous husband, whom I call Luvie. Sewing is not my full time job, but it is certainly my passion (after Luvie). Nights and weekends you will find me in the sewing emporium (as he calls it) where I have logged a million miles on my machines. When I’m in the “zone” Luvie does the cooking and the laundry. Otherwise, we would be neither well fed nor well dressed. I racked my brain trying to think of a unique way to name my bags. Numbers seemed too impersonal and female names too common. Then one day, while driving through the state, I commented to Luvie that Alabama towns and cities have such quaint and descriptive names. BINGO! There really is an Eclectic, Alabama.

Eclectic - Hot Pink denim bag by Satin Doll Handbags

And warm greetings from over the ocean to our newest international member, Binx from Himachal, India! Binx's shop, Studio One Designs, features very modern leather bags. Of himself ( that's right we have TWO male bagmakers on the team now), Binx says:

StudioOneDesigns is owned and operated by myself, Binx out of Chambagat, India. I am high up in the lower Himalayas close to a small town and away from all the hustle-bustle of urban centers. Life is still simple over here….or should I say used to be, you knew everyone by name, and knew who got your milk every morning….and even the name of the cow. But things are changing now and the individual names are changing with those of global brand names.

My tryst with leather started when I first took hobby leather work classes during school and learnt a little about leather... later I took professional courses in designing and leather from the country's premier design school. I have been working with leather for almost two decades now. I like to keep my designs simple but multifunctional in use. I like to push the extremes at times. This way I am able to keep my work exciting, yet functional at the same time. An example would be my Delilah bag, the bag is made for daily use, but all put together it has so many different hand techniques used to create different lines, textures and finishes.

I construct all my bags from patterns I make from scratch. Working with leather is my first love, there is so much you can do and make with leather. I have also worked with handmade Silk and Cotton in the past, and have been thinking of adding some of those materials to my line. Expect to see Fabric Bags and Accessories in my store in the future.

Fanny in Olive Green Suede Leather by Studio One Designs

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Anonymous said...

Those a great bags! I especially like the olive green one. Very classy.