Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More freedom Bags

We're all taking after Betsy Ross and sewing our pants off for freedom here at Carried Away. Check out what the girls are cooking up!

Dawn Stevens of D's Chic Boutique wonders if the star is too much. I think it rocks!

Brand new to the team and former active duty Airforce, Beth Holmes of Southern Sweet T's made up this patriotic cosmetic clutch. It wa sBeth's suggestion to adopt a solider through Herobox.

Theresa of TiLT made this bag up and then realized it was a perfect FREEDOM bag.

And we'd like to say a special THANK YOU!! to our own Deneisha Jones of mssewsavvy. Although not sweating it out in the desert, she is still defending the cause of freedom with more than a needle and thread. An active duty Airman in the US Air Force, she is currently stationed in England.


Anonymous said...
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WolfBait said...

Lovely, lovely bags, ladies!