Friday, July 24, 2009

Free as a butterfly clutch from Gold Crest Bags

TM Miriam of Goldcrest Bags just sent in this glorious leather clutch for our team shop.

I wanted to do a bag that signifies freedom for everyone, not just us in North America. I always felt that butterflies are so free. They travel continents and return after the winter. After some research I found out that to some people "officially" butterflies are a sign of freedom. This is how I came up with my Freedom Bag. It is called the Free as a Butterfly Clutch.

The bag is made of soft lambskin that is interfaced to maintain its shape. It has a large leather butterfly applique on the front and a small butterfly on the back. The appliques are made of leather that has been layered to get the desired affect. The large butterfly has 2 large jet beads and the small one has one. They also have gold fire polish beads. All are hand beaded.
The bag is lined and has 2 pockets besides the main pocket. It closes with a magnetic snap. The two side seams are embellished with 2 beads.
The clutch measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

This bag is brought to you by Miriam of Goldcrestbags.

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