Sunday, June 21, 2009

Instant Gratification Wallet Tutorial

If you are in need of some instant gratification like me these days you may want to try this tutorial by PenGwend from Craftster. Simple and fun with endless possibilities.

1. Cut out a general pattern. You'll need a rectangle that's 4.25"x6"
Lay it on your fabric so you can capture the print the way you want it. Cut 2 of the original pattern size (for inside & outside) and 3 small rectangles (to be the pockets) that are each 4.25"wide with these heights: 2.25", 2.5", 3.25"

2. Cut out interfacing in rectangles that are .25" smaller than the fabric rectangles on all sides (this is so that the interfacing doesn't get into the seams and make it hard to turn. You only need one big rectangle.

3. Take the pocket rectangles and fold down the top .25" (on the wrong side)

4. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of each of the pocket rectangles so that it holds down the .25" of fabric that you folded. Also interface one of the big rectangles.

5. Here you can sew across the tops of the pockets for interest, but I think the interfacing should hold the folded over fabric. Line up the bottoms of the pocket rectangles so that they match up with the right side of the NON-interfaced big rectangle. Sew down the edges (just to keep the pockets from moving when you sew the whole thing togeter. Use the smallest seam allowance possible (so it doesn't show on your final product)

6. Now that the pockets have been safely secured to the non-interfaced rectangle, place the interfaced one on top, so that the two big rectangles are right sides together. Sew around the edge using a .25" seam allowance. (If you look at the big version of the picture, you can see the stitching I did to keep the pockets together)

7. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Sew all the way along the edge of the project, about .16" away from the edge. This will help keep your project together (hopefully make it machine washable) and keep cards in better.

8. Find a matching button, measure it and make a buttonhole in the top. Flip out the bottom pocket just enough to sew on a button and you are done!

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