Sunday, May 31, 2009

TM Julie from House of Jam shares inspirations

Team Member Julie from House of Jam recently shared her inspirations for her small sakura cases.

I have been sewing for a long time and have been taking Japanese quilting classes for the last 3-4 years. I have never thought of sewing as anything but my hobby. But then, things changed, and it all started with these cell phone cases.

A friend of mine in the Japanese quilting class made a cell phone cozy for her new cell phone. We all thought it was a great idea and started to make cell phone cozies for ourselves. Soon enough, we started to make cell phone cozies for our family members, friends, co-workers, since everyone has a cell phone nowadays. After getting so many compliments, one day it dawned on me - why not try to sell these cases online? After some research, it was quite surprising to see that there are quite a few folks selling these cell phone cases online. Then, it's time for me to design my cases so that they are different and unique from what's on the market. I believe that I have found a niche in the market by offering well-made, uniquely designed and non-mass produced fabric accessories, ranging from cell phone cases, camera cases to cosmetic bags. I am constantly developing new products and hope to bring them to the market soon. So after 4 months, here I am, selling quite a few fabric accessories on Etsy as well as on our local websites.

In Japanese hand quilting, sakizome fabrics are widely used. Sakizome fabric is a special Japanese fabric whose threads are yarn dyed before weaved together. It's often used in traditional Japanese quilting and kimonos and is quite expensive. Although most of these fabrics are quite plain looking, they tend to endure the test of time and they don't look out of date after many many years.

Red Sakura

Blue Sakura

Denim Flower

Japanese Garden

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