Saturday, May 16, 2009

New shops join Carried Away

Starting off with a bang, Aussie three person bag collective Eliza Clare produces these stunning art handbags. Each one of a kind bag has a unique shape and is heavily embellished. You can also find Eliza at their main website and read their blog for some inisght on how they creates these pieces of art. Eliza also creates this eye-popping tapestry jewelry.

Next, these sweet totes in many patterns and colors by Arlene at CasaBella. Arlene used to be a big city girl from NY, but now enjoys a country existance in Pennslyvania. Arlene says her bags make great diaper bags as each has 4 roomy pockets inside. Visit her blog for more.

Inked tattooed pin-up girls in chocolate, large tote bag with key leash by Haut Totes

For the bad girl in all of us, an array of in your face totes by Haut Totes. After extensive world travel, Melissa came home to Nevada (my home state) and enjoys life up in the high desert of Northern Nevada, right near the sheep ranch she grew up on. She now mostly stays at home with her two darling kids. Her bag making journey started when her daughter asked for a fashionable bag with a little attitude to go on her wheelchair. Visit her blog for more.

EYEGLASS CASE Heather Bailey Groovy Watermelon by Venezie Bags

Karen from Venzie Bags in MA creates accessories and totes for busy moms and stylish women of all ages. This eyeglass or ipod case if agreat example of the "pop" in all her creations. You can see more at her website or by visiting her blog.

Gidget Gadget Cozy - Padded Camera - Cell Phone Case - Wristlet - Ironworks in Black and Brown Swirls by Cucio

Here's a nicely designed padded case for cameras or cell phones from Barb in Nebraska of Cucio.
Barb formerly worked in a clothing factory and takes quality very seriously in her own creations. Cucio is Italian for "I Sew" and that's what Barb loves to do, so it is only natural she'd take her years of experience into a thriving online business. Barb also quilts and creates pet items through her other two etsy shops. Her 6 year old grandaughter is learning to sew at Barb's feet and she couldn't be happier! Visit Barb's blog for more of her adventures.

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Bags and Buds said...

I did a blog post on Eliza Clare back on April 28. So glad they decided to join the team. Welcome to all!