Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Curved and Ruffled Clutch Tutorial

The Curved and Ruffled Clutch tutorial can also be found on BURDASTYLE.COM.

Draw the curved shape as shown, to fit in a rectangle 9 ½” x 7 1/2”. Add 5/8” seam allowance all around, and cut one pair. Put stiff fusible on the wrong side of one piece. This is the top flap of the purse.

On the bias, cut strips 3 ¼” wide (this includes 5/8” seam allowance on both sides, making a 2” ruffle). The longest strip should be 14”; we are making 4 tiers.

Mark off 5/8” with chalk on one side of the strip.

With the iron, crease the strip at the chalk line. Put the double-sided fusible between the fold, iron.

Stitch two rows of basting stitches on the raw edges. Pull the bobbin threads to gather.

Pin ruffle along curved edge of non-interfaced top flap.

Place the next three rows of ruffles, then topstitch them in place.

Put together right and wrong (interfaced) sides of top flap.
Leave the longer straight side unsewn; stitch the short straight side and the curved edge.

Turn flap right side out. Gently press the edges in place.

Now for the body of the clutch. Cut a rectangle 9 ½” by 15”, adding 5/8” seam allowance all around, of self and lining. Press 9 ½” x 15” fusible on wrong side of self.

Pin top and body of clutch together, right sides facing.

Pin lining to back side of flap.

Sew together top, body and lining. Separate body of clutch (self and lining) and flap; press. Topstitch the along the body side of the seam.

Cut pocket from lining, about 5” x 4”, finish edges. Pin pocket on lining; topstitch in place, leaving the top open.

Separately, fold self and lining in half, and pin short sides.

Separately, sew short sides of self and lining.

Turn right sides out, putting the lining into the self. Press edges.

Turn in and press seam allowances, pin lining to self on the remaining unsewn edge. Sew with an invisible hand stitch.


Marlaine said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

hipchic~cynde said...

look like fun to make, thanks

Meghann said...

Beautiful! I love the color :)

Venezie Bags said...

very nice!!!

Karen said...

This was such a great tutorial. I cannot wait to try this.