Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sew-in bag labels

You can see my MommieMadeIt tag on the left hand side of this Double Doody Bark Bag.

Krystal here, the Carried Away Team Leader. Normally this blog focuses on the accomplishments of our team, but I'd like to take a few bytes to share something good I stumbled upon with all the bag makers out there. I've tried a few different types of bag labels and I've found a winner. MommieMadeIt does a fantastic job. Her labels are printed onto grossgrain ribbon and cut with pinking shears. You can get them in several sizes and if you are not a designer, she'll design them at no charge. They fold in half and sew right into any seam. No running, fading or snagging either. Professionally packaged, easy to work with and very promptly delivered. I think I've gone and made Lisa, the friendly proprietor, blush plenty, but when you find something good, you've gotta share with your friends.

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Bags and Buds said...

Great information. I have this shop tagged as a favorite and will order from her next time I need labels.