Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oversight fixed! and other news

Thnaks to Team Member MaryMorra for alerting my faulty memory. I had forgotten to turn on the RSS feed button. If you'll look down at the bottom on the right hand side, you can now get Carried Away in your feed reader or by email to your inbox.
I also adjusted the blog list so that it shows a little snippet from everyone's latest posts.
... and switched out all the bags in my treasury. so go comment and click some more :)
Someone asked abut what it takes to create the yahoo group. The answer is down in the comments for that post. I'd LOVE for one of you to take this on.
The listing request I at in at searchhandmade has added me to the listings. I encourage you to email them with a request as well. I'm going to add their search link to the bottom of the blog.

from the blog at search handmade ... a link to a new online handmade marketplace. Has anyone tried them out? You can read the review from search handmade. They do not allow vintage items.

Also from another post there... ArtFire, another marketplace that is in beta stage. They do allow vintage items.
How many of you signed up for the virtual craft fair I heart Handmade:Holiday? Please comment below. If we have more than 3, I'll add their banner to the site and a list of our participating Team Members.


DR said...

Hi! Thanks for taking advantage of Search Handmade - just wanted to let you and your team know that the site automatically includes all products listed on the major handmade sites, including Etsy, iCraft,, Mintd, Artfire, Shophandmade and many others. If anyone has items listed for sale elsewhere that are not currently included in the search, please let me know via the submit button on the site.

Karen said...

I just signed up for the Handmade marketplace, at $10 for 3 weeks, this is the best deal on advertising yet! Thanks for posting about this, I never would have known about it.

Bags and Buds said...

I signed up for the Handmade Holiday marketplace as well. I agree with Karen. $10 is a great deal. Hope it pans out.

ceejay said...

i signed up for the handmade marketplace. i'm looking forward to it!