Monday, October 27, 2008

Team organization


Some things to consider. Please leave your comments below.

#1 - I'd like someone who feels they are computer literate with the blogger dashboard, entrecard ( I'll be signing us up shortly) and flickr who would like to serve as the Co-Team Leader. This is not a lifetime obligation, by the way. I feel that for a number of reasons, it is best if the group has at least two people who know all the passwords and so on.As the group grows we can add additional moderators as needed. Also anyone willing to spend a little time be the entre dropper for a week at a time? The more blogs we drop on with our card, the higher our traffic numbers go.

#2 - Since I had a lot of response to be featured on the blog, I will be employing the scientific system of a random number generator to pick which order the responses are featured. Objections? (The other alternative is to let my daughter's 10 year old taste pick, btw)

#3 - The flickr pool has a group discussion feature. Probably by the end of October, I'd like to send all the group discussion not directly related to publicizing our members creations over there and keep the blog as purely a publicity tool for the group. I can set the flickr group discussions to be private and viewable by group members only. If you do not have a flickr account, they are free and easy to get. It is a GREAT way to archive and promote your creations.

#4 To that end, with your permission, I will be adding all of you to our private email list which I will maintain via constant contact. (My business already pays the $15 a month for this. If our list grows past the amount of contacts allowed, I may have to ask for contributions). This list will serve for group announcements only. Remember, chatter goes to flickr... unless the majority feels we should have a yahoo group? I can also create a Friends of Carried Away email list and put a sign up button here on the blog. This will allow us to send out a bi-monthly newsletter with a member spotlight and any specials or sales we want to offer. Does anyone in the group want to volunteer to help get that going? I will take care of the design and the mechanics of it, I am looking for assistance with writing articles.

#5 - as soon as I get a few free minutes I will be creating a 125 x 125 pixel blog button that you can place on your blogs to promote the team and announce your membership in it.

#6 - We need content! If you have written any great tutorials or articles you'd like to share with the members of the group and anyone who stops by the site, please email them to me.

#7 - INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! If you have bag making friends, they should join us as well. There is no cost to join and no level of experience is required. We may wish to become more selective in the future, but for the time being it's wide open.

#8 - We may wish to consider some group advertising opportunities at some point. (For the moment, I think we'll pursue all the free ones we can find.) When the time does come to lay out a little cash, are you willing to invest a few dollars? $5? $10?

#9 - I'll be sending in the form to make us an official etsy team at the end of the week.

#10 - If anyone is good at getting treasuries, by all means, please consider promoting your fellow team members and bump the forum threads of your team mates as well.

#11 - Lastly, we do need a few rules. Here's a few I feel might be good. Any suggestions?

• Courtesy towards your fellow team mates and potential customers is expected at all times and is VITAL in any public medium where the Carried Away Team has a presence. If you have an argument, keep it behind closed doors or in private emails. Please THINK twice and hit send once when making any comments to/about a fellow team member or commenting on a post in any Carried Away group space. This extends to the etsy forums as well - keep it polite or keep it to yourself. Repeated instances will result in termination of your membership. I think we can all agree that this is a place to promote our businesses and should be treated in the same manner as you would treat any other work environment. Polite and Professional should be the FIRST thing you consider when acting as a member of Carried Away.

• If you agree to do something related to this group, please follow through (participate in a swap, write a post for the blog or what have you.) Repeated failures to keep your word without any explanation will result in your membership being terminated. Life happens, but remember rule #1. If you can't keep your obligation, PLEASE tell the other party politely and not at the last minute.

• Team members who no longer have an active online store/blog will be removed from the group after 3 months of inactivity.

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